Mission Statement

Enhancing opportunities for women, improving the quality of life for all.

Driving Principle

Women’s economic independence

Seeking solutions which meet the needs of all

account3 is a community training and development co-operative founded in 1991 in Tower Hamlets. Our primary business is working with local women, to find solutions to issues which adversely impact their lives. The company operates a one-stop shop approach to providing advice, support, resources, education to local people using a community development framework to build local capacity and resilience.

Established in culturally rich and diverse Bethnal Green, an area of East London which is home to socially and economically excluded minority groups from across the globe, account3’s overall driver is gender equality and economic independence for women with particular reference to women facing multiple disadvantages. This focus does not preclude our working with men and families.

Our Board

Account3 is a BME women led organisation and the board members are a diverse group of local women with a passion for women’s development and inclusion.

Our Staff Team and volunteers

account3 staff team comprises a cultural and linguistically diverse group which reflects the local community. The team are fully engaged in co-production and community development approaches to planning our services, maintaining quality and developing strategies in conjunction with local women, volunteers, partners and other stakeholders. A vibrant team of volunteers supports our work; we are grateful for the contributions they make regardless of their initial motivation. We recognise the huge impact that volunteers have on all aspects of our work.

The team speak a variety of community languages including: Arabic, Bangladeshi, Bulgarian, Dari, English, Farsi, French, Greek, Polish, Portuguese, Rumanian, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Sylheti, Urdu, Yoruba

Company Limited by Guarantee registered in UK. Number: 002669360

Registered address: 1-3 Birkbeck Street London E2 6JY